Oleg Samus was born in Kiev, in what was then a repulic of Soviet Union, and eventually became Ukraine. Although he knew little about photography as a child, Oleg was always drawn to images, be it computer-generated pictures, photographs, or paintings. Later, he realized that an image, properly composed, can be extremely powerful. One glance, one color, one shape in a picture can often tell more than a whole bookworth of words, while still leaving space for one's own imagination to fill in exact details.

Initially, photography wasn't Oleg's first choice to try to talk in pictures - rather, it was computer-generated art. Often, while thinking about an idea or a concept that could be related to others, Oleg saw it as an image instead. However, many lot of these images or their settings simply did not exist in real life, so a camera would be an awkward and inconvenient tool to use in trying to create such a picture. Computer-generated graphics, however, allow an artist to create almost anything, giving one free control of objects, lights, and backgrounds. So CG became a natural choice.

However, computer-generated images often do not look realistic, and eventually, Oleg moved on to photography. Although computer-generated graphics seems to have only been a step towards discovering photography, many concepts and ideas in CG and photography are related, if not the same. In addition, beginning the study of light and shadow while working with computer-generated forms gives one a slightly different perspective on lights, cameras, angles, and colors, than studying these in photography would give. This still affects many of Oleg's photographs and gives them a unique and unusual feeling.



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